An agreement with investors is reflected as a contract (between investors and MOFIN) based on the MOFIN’s P2P lending service and technology, which help the Investors connect directly with the Borrowers.

The Investors, who demand MOFIN’s service, need to read carefully and agree with all terms in this agreement before using MOFIN. If not, the Investors should not download, register and use MOFIN’s application or website. When the Investors download, register and use MOFIN’s application or website, it simply means the Investors have voluntarily agreed to all terms in this agreement.

This agreement includes the following terms:

    • Investors/ Lenders

Investors can access the Borrowers’ loan profiles through MOFIN’s platform, and then the Investors decide whether or not lend these Borrowers a certain amount of money.


The clients, who need to borrow money, will register with MOFIN. MOFIN will create the Borrower’s loan profile and rate the credit score for this.

MOFIN will connect directly this loan profile to the Investors through its platform.

The VND currency is traded on MOFIN’s platform.

  • Borrowers

The clients, who download, register and use MOFIN’s application and website, is the Borrowers in this agreement. The Borrowers will use personal information (including social networks, social relationships: friends and relatives), personal credibility as a form of trust.

  1. LOANS:

The Investor can only lend just 2 kinds of Borrowers: Employees and Students on MOFIN’s platform.

Maximum limit for students’ loan is 3.000.000 VND and for Employee’s loan is 5.000.000VND within 180 – 360 days. Investors will directly discuss interest rate with Borrowers.

Investor should have ID card/passport, 1 Techcombank account, and register phone number, email to receive the loans notification from MOFIN.

After receiving the notification and agreeing to disburse, the Investors transfer money directly to the Borrower’s bank account. The term and interest of this loan will be calculated until the money reached successfully the Borrower’s bank account.

MOFIN will be responsible for managing the records, the term, automatic reminders of this loan and ensuring full repayment to the Investors. In case of late payment over 60 days, MOFIN will have to prepay the loan to the Investors.

    • MOFIN

MOFIN pledged not to keep money in all cases. Investor’s money is transferred directly to the customer and vice versa.

MOFIN is responsible for clearly disclosing the interest and related fee statement for the Investors from time to time. Investors will receive a full statement before making a loan decision.

MOFIN guide the Investors fully and clearly.

The loan is repayable on time and full of principal and interest.

Absolutely confidential and not disclose to third parties the Investors’ information.

  • Investors

Reading the agreement carefully and agreeing to all terms before deciding to become an investor participating in MOFIN’s trading platform.

Not disclose the Borrowers’ information.

Commit to confidentiality, respect copyright and not copy MOFIN in any form.

Investors are responsible for securing personal account information on MOFIN, avoiding disclosure to third parties about risk of fraud and financial loss.


If there is any dispute between the investor and MOFIN, please first contact the Customer Support Center of MOFIN in one of the following ways:

  1. Call the hotline: 1900 6363 90
  2. Send Email to:
  3. Chat with support staff through MOFIN’s contact center: